Erin (theoryoferin) wrote in accf_open_gates,

Major Clean Up going on in Nowhere!

Don't know if anyone still plays that is on my list, but I finally have a decent [permanent] internet connection to play AC on and would like to see if anyone wants to come help me clean up the town? I haven't legitimately played since April, so I'm a little afraid to see what it looks like when I open the place up.

Basically, dig up anything that's in the ground, pick all the weeds, and water what flowers may be left. I'd like to keep my trees where they are and hope everyone has enough courtesy not to steal the golden roses I have up by Nookington's.

Feel free to keep anything you find in the ground and take any of the fruit you would like [Nowhere has every kind of fruit, though peaches are native] and just help take care of the place? Also -- stick to the paths, don't run, and don't replace the patterns in Able's [but feel free to buy / take anything].

Info is in the Icon, but in case you don't want to look there:
Erin in Nowhere

Gates will be opening in 15-20 minutes when the Wii is done downloading updates!
Leave codes in the comments and I'll let you know when I've added you.

I have Wii Speak and a Keyboard, so conversation is simple. [:
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I'd like to come over! I just restarted my town and am in need of the fruits.

I don't have wii speak or a keyboard, so I can't talk much.

Sakura in Village
awesome. i've just added you, so feel free to come by!
Heyy. i've begun to to play AC again and was hoping we'd exchange numbers? I'll have my gate open too, town Star, name Melanie

Sure! I'm not playing at the moment, but perhaps later tonight? Definitely tomorrow!
Hi, please add me when you have a chance. I have been away from AC for months but will be back playing more often since it is winter. I will be happy to pick weeds etc. I am curious to see how your town looks. You can also come to my hacked, weed-free town if you need a change of scenery. :)
Zanie in XNtriCity
I spelled my town name wrong. It should be XNtrCity
Hi there!

I was wondering if I could add you to my friend's list?
You see, I'm new and you'd be my very first friend! Lol. (n_n)

Here's my info:
Nemaria in Bowdon

It'd be great if we could be friends!
Your town sounds so interesting!