Kimberly (merlekun) wrote in accf_open_gates,

Just getting into Animal Crossing Online~

I accidentally got hooked on Animal Crossing City Folk and my playing of it is erratic, so I can't really give a solid time window when I'd be around. But I'm open to making friends and just coordinating opening our towns that way. Sometimes I just want to game alone, so if you want to visit we can exchange Instant Messenger names or something.

Friend Code: 1936-9039-5072
Name: Miharu
Town Fruit: Peaches (But I have all except coconut growing, I have coconuts... but the test ones planted died so I'm afraid to plant more.)
Town Name: Malice

I'm mainly looking for shopping expansion, the Nookingtons doesn't change it's stock fast enough for me lol. I want to make sets of things, and I especially want the kitty outfit set for my character. But I haven't even seen one piece of that in my game. I'd be happy to order stuff from my catalog for others if they'd return the favor. Or at least let me pick up and drop something so its in my catalog too.

If you end up visiting my town, please be careful when running, this is a shared down (2 residents) and we are working hard to plant flowers around to raise the town score. I trampled a red rose the other day and felt pretty bad about it. I'd welcome help beautifying the town! Any tips and tricks to share as well.

We do a tiny bit of time manipulation now and then, mainly because we're awake at weird hours and Nookington's would usually be closed if we didn't do it. So don't be surprised if you visit late at night and it's day time.
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