ran3ch (ran3ch) wrote in accf_open_gates,

Getting out online and want visitors

hey my friends don't have this game so i was hoping for some of you guys to come visit and you could help me out? I need someone to buy from my store and I need a visitor to plant a tree in my town in the month of June. I also really want to start having people come. Would you please? Comment with your friend info and i'll usually have my gates open and please be respectable of my environment, I just got back into this game and am currently working to have a better environment. If you could help out that would also be great, thanks :)
Name: Julie
Town: Metro
Friend Code: 0560-0975-3553
Town Fruit: pears (also have a few coconut trees)
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I need some fruit so I would love to come to your town. (I can plant a tree and buy from your shop) I have peaches!

Name: Drea
Town: Homeland
Friend code: 3182-7197-5465
I added you today and will most likely have my doors open frequently, come whenever!
my name is: max
town name: high hil
friend code:0432-5033-1316

i so want to come to your town
Town: Toyville
I have cherries, pears, and oranges
I just replaced my Wii, and just picked up Animal Crossing. I'm looking to get my town rolling a little better. Thanks!

Name: CJ
Town: Dandyton
Friend Code: 1980-1363-7173
Town Fruit: cherries
Hey I have added you!
Please add me I am normally on in afternoons and late evenings.

Name: Katie
Town: Maple
Code: 5373-0740-7333

I wouldn't damage your environment and would be happy to help with anything!
plz add me
Name: Link
Town: Hyrule
FC: 3741-0822-9060
Fruit: I think all